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Floyd on strats

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I have a strat style guitar, I know that if I wanted to add a floyd trem I would need to alter the area routed for the current bridge, what changes would need to be made?

Would it be different if I wanted to put an Ibanez Edge or Edge Pro on? And where can I buy an Edge/Edge Pro? I cant find one anywhere without the rest of an Ibanez attached!!!

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This manual comes with the fender floyd's it gives diagrams how to convert a strat to a floyd strat.

Floyd rose installation manual

Ibanezrules.com is one the only places i know of to get an ibanez bridge aftermarket

There's also an Edge Trem Manual here, i think it's on ibanezrules.com but i couldn't find a direct link so i just uploaded it.

Both manuals show the correct measurements for the shelf you need to install a locking nut.

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Thanks for the help so far.

When cutting to accomodate a locking nut, can I cut into the first fret, making this smaller? or do I need to build up the height of the headstock to make a big enough flat surface?

You CANNOT remove more wood on the fret side of the nut!

The position of the new nut has to be the same as the old one, and the important part of that position is where the nut ends...

If you move the nut closer to the first fret, you shorten the strings "open" length, and thereby screw up the scale lebght and intonation.

Not a good thing...

Whatever changes have to be made (and this is while looking at the neck placed flat on a table, fingerboard up), can only be done "Down" (removing wood to place nut lower on the neck, for action), or "Backwards" (removing wood on the headstock side to allow the locking nut to fit in the slot).


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