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I have 100 bucks what tool


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this is my first build and my mom is giving me 100 bucks toward it if I did chores

and I did the chores so know I have 100 bucks to blow

my school has most of the power tools I will need

ex. band saw, router, table saw, drill press, scroll saws, planer

they also have some hand tools I might need like hand planers, spokeshave

So I need a specialty tool or many specialty tools that are most imortant

that I can't get by with out!

I was thinking maybe jaws from stewmac might be a very helpful tool to speed up the fretting process


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get a book.

then use your remaining 80 bucks to buy wood, hardware, fretware ect.

the only speicaltie thing you would need is a radiused sanding block for radiusing your neck, and you can get thoes cheap. You will also need a gents saw. (or a fret slotting saw from stewmac) and a miter box. A fret arbor would help, but its not needed, as you can do it with a hammer and a homemade fret bender that brian made a toutorial on.

your school has almost all the equpitment you will need, and for doing one guitar you dont need jaws.

but, you will need more than 100 bucks to get this thing done.

ps I thought you were rich?

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well the jaws are 159$ with the caul... so unless you can magically turn that 100$ into 200$ forget that and get a 2$ hammer. If i where you i'd get the fingerboard pre-slotted and pre-radiused, saves you time and money in tools.

this is probably what i'd do if i were you


guaged saw to cut the nut slots (also add your choice of a nut to that order)

the leveler, fretwire, fingerboard (pre slotted, radiused to 12") is pretty self explanitory

and the radius block to make sure you keep that radius after fretting.

then you have a couple bucks left to cover shipping.

Opinions might differ though, that's just what i'd get..

EDIT: ah yes and you need 6 feet of wire, not 4 :D

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I was reading your reply KrazyD and I was gonna suggest 6 ft also for a guitar, until I read the last part of your post where you corrected it. lol One hundred dollars won't get you much as far as tools are concerned, but those are some great suggestions. Have you thought about buying a cheap 30 dollar Arbor press, then buying the fret press arbor caul tool, and getting someone to modify the press to accept the press system that Stew Mac sells. If your dead set on a fretting system then you could get that all for under 100 dollars if you do it yourself. But again, you could get by with just a fretting hammer for a while.

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straightedge, sure just get a metal meter (or yard) stick.

protracter come in handy, jigsaws are nice to have for making templates, drumsander to fit into your drill press, flush cuting trim bit for router, a good set of files comes in handy (get them at sears or somwhere) and a wood chisel or two is quite nice.

wax paper for glueing

lots of clamps.

also, suscribe to some free woodworking catalouges. search on google for a ton of great ones, i have 5 comin my way in a few weeks.

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straightedge, sure just get a metal meter (or yard) stick.

i'm sorry but a "yard stick" is not a straight edge, a straight edge is a straight edge, very few rulers, even the nice steel rules are made that way.. i have a nice steel ruler that is close but i just use it for ruff situations, for checking necks and such you need an actual straight edge...

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