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Modifying single coil pickup

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Sorry for starting a new post, i have searched for similar topics, but to no avail.

I bought a GFS single coil bridge pick up for a Tele for my first project. However, there are 2 size issues.

1) The screw holes to mount the pickup are further apart on the pickup than on the Tele brdige plate i have. The only way i can think of getting around this, is to take the metal base plate off, and drill 2 new holes in the plastic, and glue nuts to the other side, to enable height adjustment. What is the role of the metal base plate, is it vital, and will i damage the pickup by removing it?

2) The top plastic plate is too large to fit through the gap on the bridge plate, which seems odd.... Again, would i cause damage by filing this down in an attempt to get it to fit?

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