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acrylic for body material

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Before you go spending money on acrylic, do you have the proper tools to work plastic?

You can't just treat it like wood, it takes a bit of specialty tools to work it, and they can be pretty expensive.

I built an acrylic guitar once long ago, but I was working at a plastics fabrication shop that had every plastics tool known to man and all the shop machinery were set up to deal with plastics.

I wouldn't want to try making one at home with regular tools, that's for sure.

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Drak is right on. I have used acrylic many times (not for a guitar). Honestly, I don't really see the wow factor in an acrylic guitar...sure its clear, but your controls and pickups and everything else wont be...

Anyway, you will want special bits to work with and you will need to polish forever to get some of the edges crystal clear (otherwise they will be a dull white). Luckily, you can fix screw ups a bit better than wood, but of course they will look terrible which pretty much makes that a moot point.

Not to mention the stuff has a very low melting temp, is really heavy, and is not very strong.

Last I recall, a 4x8 foot sheet of 1" thick was around 350-450 dollars...the price gets exponential the thicker you go.

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