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aussie power question again


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hey does anyone have a picture of one of australia's outlets and or plugs i need to konw what prong does what so when i remove the us plug the one for over there wiill work otherwise i will just have to send him a plug and a basic wiring diagram.

i am about 85% finished with Perry's amp and wheni get ready to send it i want to make sure its plug and play not plug and pray. since i couldnt' locate a pic of the aussie power plug anyone got any tips for me.

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ssweet thanks i will have to copy that to my email and email my self. thaks now if i can just find the correct one here stateside i will be happy.

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This is for my amp right, i'll just send you some.

yes it is for your amp.. lol very good. i meant to ask you before but forgot. i will email you the address.

email sent. :D

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