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Filling chipped area tips...


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Hey guys.. ok I have had a bit of a prob with a couple of areas of my solid body when routing the shape out... B) its chipped the wood in a couple of areas... nothing massive but very noticeable. :D I wanna finish the guitar with a nice translucent blue and I'm looking at the moment for a couple of good filling products that wont show up once the laquer is applied. The wood is ash so any help with what the best fillers out there are for this kind of job mucho appreciado.

Cheers :D

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Ouch :D wouldn't happen to have the dust or scrap pieces of wood left over from the routing job would you?

With that you could try experimenting with different wood glues making your own matching filler and applying it on top of a scrap board to see how it will react to the stain.

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Yeah I do actually brian. I was originally thinking of making up my own paste using wood glue and the dust and what have you left over... but didnt know if it would work very well? Thing is I got this piece of Ash cos its got a beautiful grain to it... I'll try post a pic...


As you can see its still really early days as yet... but with it being such a nice chunk of Ash I'd really like to try and use its best feature... the grain! Anyways if you have any tips on using the bits and dust let me know bri... I may have a go with a scap piece I have left over and see what it dries like!



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