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KIWI shoepolish

Guest AlexVDL

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lookin like a good relic, you can also get partly that aged look by holding a match (lit :D) below it briefly, this would be to compliment the stains atm, as it leaves more of a black stain, also if you let it burn the knobs, they come out quite well, but dont try and kill me if its not as you like it, smittys guitar is like this, ill try make him take a high res photo of it.

btw, is there an easy way of getting that amber colour on the neck, the vintage maple look, without using dye?



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Hey Alex. Really nice relic work. Glad the tip helped. I sometime find I have to wipe the plastics with lacquer thinner and or scuff with a fine Scotchbrite pad for the Kiwi to absorb...it might wear off in spots where your fingers constantly rub (the edge of my pup covers) but it's no biggie to rub more Kiwi on and restain it. Here's my Esquire with a mild relic, the checking really poped with a Kiwi rub...my camera can't pick up the checks...I did wire brush the hot dog plate and Chloride dip...the bridge got dipped...instant rust. The knobs were custom made stainless...I did'nt molest those.


I did Kiwi my Strat neck...gave it a nice 'tan'...


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Hey Alex. I got it from Radio Shack. It's an etchant solution, but still ferrous chloride. I have my Webshot pics...that about it.


I did make a small cig burn on my headstock...you can see it in the album pic above...it was a real small skinny cig... :D hehe

Thanks Shaggy. I'm over www.telemodders.com check out the profiles for some nice Tele's. To be honest, I always hated the look of 'em. My friends SG back in the 70's had one, and I thought it was fugly...fast forward and seeing how so many guys (and gals) on the modders site have 'em, I saw the koolness in it. Of course I could'nt leave it 'stock' so my buddy made a custom wiggle stick I thought would look better than the bent butterknife.

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As far as accuarate replication goes I dont know if I totally agree with your pickguard/knobs........ but overall its outstanding so far :D

Good job dude! Cant wait to see it when your all done with it

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