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Cigarette Box Amplifier


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keep in mind i know nothing about electronics, but if im correct, wouldnt you just use the same wiring techniques as building a normal amp? just on a smaller scale... ive seen plans and part lists for building amps all over the internet... google it, see what you can find.

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You might also want to take a look at Runoff Groove - specifically the Little Gem and the Ruby. And since Ansil's getting LM386 put on his car tags, he can probably tell you way more than you want to know about using one for a pocket amp. :D Benno's building a Little Gem, and several others have expressed interest in similar projects, so you're in good company - go for it!

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Yeah I'm sure your right. I just have limited experience with electronics, so a project like this with everything spelled out for me would be a good start. This is really my attempt to get myself more interested in electronics... and i'd rather make a guitar amp than buy a kit to make something useless like an electronic weather gauge or some ****. Maybe a basic FX pedal or something mite do the trick.

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gain pot between pins 1 and 8

input into 2 or 3 through a capacitor of your choice.

output pin5 to capacitor of your choice.

pin 6 red wire battery snap

pin 4 black wire battery snap and ground

there ya go.

thats about all you need to know about lm386's except that you need to really use an N-3 otherwise you willl burn out the n-1. i like the n-4 jfor stuff that has a dedicated wallwart as it goes up to 22v.

you can also take the output into a pot and feed it into pin7 and make a self oscilator.

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