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Camo Paint job, raised edges, any ideas?


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Jeremy, I think me means like in the real cammo from our vehicles, its faded thru not a solid line. If it's this, we shot the carc paint over the base without stancils, we just draw the shape with chalk, then shot the paint with a special very thick needle gun. this paint hardly oversprays. In the case of your regular paint, the use of an airbrush like the ones that Jeremy had pointed out in his tutorials will be of great help, just shot your base, then out line your pattern and shot the paint very thin over the outline and then start making it solid as you fill the center. just like doing an sunburst but from the outside in.

here is a link to a pic of the truck if you look good you can tell how they painted it. Iwould have posted one of mines but they are all sand color here!. To avoid looking like that you can paint the outline and then go towards the midlle in the same pass like Iindicated above.

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My bad then, well like Jeremy said lots of coats of clear. I usually pass a tack cloth as soon as I remove the tapes and that gets some of the edges out, then, just do a few coats more than normal. If you are using poly like LGM it won't be that bad, but if you are using cans, get ready to spray, and spray, and... well you get the idea. ah. do like a few coats, then color sand and repeat. that's what I did on this guitar and as you can see there are no lines! This waas done with duplicolor, and I normaly use between 3-4 cans for a whole body with no lines, this top took 3 cans to get rid of the lines.

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