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Guest acrylicmaster

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Guest acrylicmaster

should I use TurboCad to design my guitars is TurboDraw better

What version should I use?

I have version 6.5 TurboCad and I can't figure it out.

All replies are appreciated B):D

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turbocad is quite easy to figure out, and quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. i would use turbocad mainly becasue it can save in anyof the popular cad formats .dxf .dwf wheras turbodraw uses its own format. remember turbocad uses straight lines and angles, its quite easy to get your neck planed out perfectly, and get all the major measurments exact, but drawing curves take some tinkering as turbocad only haze bezier curves which take some tinkering to get a shape that you want

also not to rude, but mods can you check his i.p. i have a very odd feeling that this is camcool using a different username, the username especially tipped me off.

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