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ibanez headstock

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I only have a 6 string drawing, but if you enlarge it it might work ? At the nut on a 6 string it measurses 43mm, on a 7 string 48mm. So if you enlarge it all by 5mm it may look ok. You then just have to work out the string spacing.

If you would like the drawing pm me.

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For the basic shape...I just went to the ibanez side and blew up one of their photos. I traced the outline on the screen, and then measured the nut width on the small version. I worked out a factor to multiply it by to get a 43mm nut width, and then redrew it accurately. Looks perfect to me. Do the same with the 7-string...it takes 30 minutes, but is well worth it....and 99% accurate anyway.

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