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You think this is Worth It?

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Check it out...looks like a killer project if you ask me. Buying a nice LP Custom, especialyl left handed will run $1000-1750...so if this goes to $300 or so...it might be worth snagging it? The expensive parts are there...just needs binding, hardware and a finish. I have alot of Gold Hardware left over, and endless pickup selections.

What do you guys think of it...especially those spots, how weird.

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i think its a real good deal. especially with the case. real gibson cases are around 100$ used i think.

keep in mind about the finishing though, if you want to do a nitro coat then youll need a gun, and if you plan on dying it or burst then extra cost and effort.

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Hehe yea....ahh well, probably 4 lefties on here. IT will go for cheap because its not like you just have to pop a few new pickups in there and a bridge...there is alot of work to be done...and the binding missing will throw alot of people off.

If I can sell some of my stuff in the classifieds, I'll grab it!

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