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Is this correct?


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This being my first wireing layout, I figured I'd run it past you all to see if there are any mistakes, suggestions, warnings, or better ideas. I'll be using a 5 position, 4 pole switch:


AB (humbucker, bridge) C (single coil, neck)

1: C

2: B and C in parallel (strat-ish sound)

3: A and C in series (Brian Mays-ish sound, maybe out of phase?)

4: A (Tapped, maybe AB with a cap in series to fatten it up?)

5: AB

I'm also up for pickup reccomendations. I'm looking for a good bluesy strat pickup for the neck, and a hot yet vintagy humbucker for the bridge. I usually use Seymore Duncan, but I've heard Tom Anderson pickups are also very nice.


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Hey, thanks for checking for me, I appreciate it!

I just used photoshop to do it. I also have a dingbat font that is nothing but electronic bits and pieces, its called Carr Electronic Dingbats. You can probably find it at DaFont if you are interested.

Thanks again!

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You know. Thats so simple to do, I may just go for it. I was aiming for a level of simplicity for controlls, but a two way switch would be unabtrusive, especially if I had a push/pull on the volume.

Thanks for the idea. Any pickup sugestions? I've got a couple of Seymore Duncans picked out, but if theres something else out there you think is worth a look, let me know! :D

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