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tapered neck

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I would assume you mark your centerline, then measure whatever your width at the nut is, mark that, then mark out the width where the taper starts (~15th fret on my tele), then with a straight edge draw lines between thse points and saw the neck.

There might be a better way though...

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then mark out the width where the taper starts (~15th fret on my tele

Your Tele stops tapering from the nut at the 15th fret? Weird.

I like to do this once I have the bridge, or at least know the saddle spacing. I mark the scale lenght of the instrument on a big piece of paper as a center line, I then mark out the nut WIDTH and saddle SPACING. I use a straight edge to mark the two outer string positions going from the saddle position to where the strings sit comfortably at the nut, NOT at the edge of the nut width. Then I make the distance from the edge of the nut to the string equal down the lenght of the neck. I also take into the account the string diameter itself sometimes, particularly on basses, because of the noticable difference in diameter between the high and low strings, giving more space along the edge on the bass side.

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No, apparently I lied...

It tapers all the way up, it just looks like it stops right about the heel... :D

Had to bust out the ruler for that one!

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