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Bass kit update: body looks great, but ...


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Okay, so I stained the headstock of my bass kit (maple neck), but it didn't really look so great. So I decided to sand it off. I'm having a problem, though, and need to know if I need to just keep sanding or do something else. There are lots of dark specks in the wood, like this ...


I've sanded quite a bit with 150 grit paper, and the spots don't seem to get any better. If anything, they seem to be getting worse. What do I do? Keep sanding? Something else?

Thanks in advance!

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When I worked as a finisher, and a piece of furniture was stained the wrong color, we sometimes got a rag, or synthetic steel whool pad, like a scotch gaurd pad, soaked in the appropriate thinner for that stain, and 'washed' the stain off.

I'm not one of the finishing experts here though...

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