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Help Needed !!!

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Hi all, I've bought my woods and other such stuff to build my new guitar and I've got a few basic questions that would help a lot if I could get answered thanks !

Does anyone have a diagram of a fender Strat American Series Trem Bridge that I could borrow or do they know where to get one similar ???

Oh Yeah, one more, what is a good way to stencil out a body to be precice ?

If you can help with any one of these issues it would be greatly appreciated !

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check guitarbuild.com for cad files, one might have bridge holes in there.

check out warmoth.com, they usually have drilling and spacing dimensions for popular bridges.

alot of people print off templates from a cad file, scale it 1:1 and print it out then just tape it over plywood and cut it out, then theres your hard template.

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