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Fuzz, help


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Hi man,

I DOUBT that you have burnt out the transitor- the 2N2222 is silicon, and they can really take a battering, in most circumstances. I would try to make it without the pot from the positive nine volt first- it is much easier to follow the schematic, get it working, and then mod. Its pretty late at night here (and I have had a night out) so i wont try and trouble shoot it now, but ill try and have a look in the morning (if I get the time).

Actually, I would ask Ansil (he is a member here). He could tell you, I am sure.

Actually, to be completely honest, I doubt that this would be a very good sounding circuit (no offence). There is heaps of great fuzz schematics online. (it is possible that this circuit is a dud [i doubt it ] but I would try and make something like a silicon Fuzzface- the schematics are everywhere- it is easy to build- and easy to find help if you get stuck)


take care all.


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