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Pick guard troubles


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Hey all..

Ok, i hope this hasnt been asked before, i had a pretty good search and not much came up at all. SO here we go.

I ordered my own blank plastic from ormsby guitars, i made my own pickguard, i was quite proud of it, made all the templates and all. I was drilling to make a whole bigger for a special pot i am putting in it an the drill bit must have been blunt or something because it gripped in and ripped a side off the plastic. :D i glued it back on with aroldite, and decided to ignore it, now just yesterday i was trying to remove a switch i put in and bam, i cracked it right down the centre. Now that really bugged me, i glued it back together with arodite extra clear as well. Now these splits look real ugly so i want to sand over and cover it up.

pic is here: http://bsto.greatnow.com/hereitis.htm

Now my question is can i finished my pickguard the same way i finished my guitar i.e., primier, black coats, clear coats? or will it just scratch off? my dad suggested to put a couple white coats over then a clear, that way if it does scratch it wont be as noticable, but he has no experience wat so ever in guitar building, just some outside thought.

I was also thinging of putting an image underneath the clear if i was going to put clear on. Is that just a matter of printing it out, using some sprray adhesive to glue it in place, then putting my clear over the top??

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, it is a school project due next monday, i cant beleive this has broken now!!


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