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Guitar BC Rich Mockery?

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I've only ever had one electric guitar until recently. My "Westfield" which was a strat copy was now beggining to die on me. So i got it fixxed but decided to work on it. First thing to do was take it apart: Easily done. SEcond, getting the blue paint off: Not so easily done. To get all the paint off it took four days of eight hour sanding! Some people said i was stupid but what the hey! I used what resources i had! Then i took a hand saw to the bottom of the guitar and cut a wedge out the bottom. I stood back and marvelled at the awesomeness before me. But my guitar teacher reckons i should take more off it and i think it'll end up lookin like a silly BC Rich replica. I'll post a pic soon for you guys! :D ROCK ON!

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