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Simple binding idea.....?

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Ive read from that reranch site a brief idea of taping around the edge of the guitar and then spraying so you get your own natural binding look. is this possible, has anyone done it? i also imagine taping accurately to be awkward as its curves obviously....im a perfectionist, so im worried this will be easy to mess up if i try it


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I dont no why the pics get cut off :D

+You mite have tape lines that are higher then the paint on the sides of the guitar that ur gunna either have to sand down flush with the other paint ot leave it B)

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I think there was someone that masked off the area and sprayed some laquer over the edge so that it sealed the wood and stopped any paint soaking into the grain and running into the binding area.

I really can't remember who it was, Awsome guitar, I think it won guitar of the month. Quited male top that started as yellow in the centre and went to red/brown at the edge, it's got Mx on the heastock. Seymore Duncan pups and a TOM brdge. I think he has something on his website about how he did it. He certainly explained how he did it in a past thread.

Blimey that wasn't a bad explaination, but only because it's my wallpaper and favorite guitar ever :D

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