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Matt Bellamy Chrome style guitar

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ok this guitar is actually metal, but i think you can get chrome paint effects to get a look like this.


my guitar currently has had the laquer sanded from it. its now matt black paint all over the body. can i spray a crome paint onto the guitar as it is, or do i have to totally strip the guitar and start the paint work from scratch?


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As long as you scuff up the current finish with 2000 grit, your chrome finish will look good. Some say you get better results having stripped the finish entirely, and I can't say as I have never attempted either method.

Watch out, though, for chrome paints. Often they're just silver flake and don't look very chrome at all. Make sure you know what you're actually buying and test it on scrap first.

Also, are those purple reflections, or actual purple? You can achieve that effect with candy coat clears (duplicolor Metalcast in cans, or any variety of spray with applicable dyes).

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if you had those chrome enamel spray cans in mind, i'd just forget about them. i've tried using them more than a few times. it's nearly impossible to get that mirror-like shine on a body, and gets worse when you try to spray a clear coat over it. it turns into this hideous gray color.

other people here have also tried (even Brian, I think) and got the same results.

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