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Puttin Custom Inlays Into Ebony Fretboard

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I have started a custom project with my friend and have come to the point of the neck, we wanted to do a custom inlay job into a Ebony Fender 25 1/2 Scale fretboard from Stew Mac, is there any special tools we absolutely need, or could we just use a saw or exacto-knife? And what glue is best to keep the inlays in? One last thing, how would we go about cutting the inlays into a cross like shape?

Thx alot guys,


P.S.- We've used all your tutorials and stuff so far! :D

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Welcome to the forum CrzyGuitarist :D

You may want to try a jewelers saw for cutting out the shapes if you want to do it by hand, when it comes to the cavities in the fret board for the inlays a dremel with a router base are also a great thing to have handy because chisling them out is very hard and time consuming by hand not to mention frustrating.

When it comes to glue I use a two part epoxy but others may have a better suggestion since I don't do that many inlays.

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