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You Think This Paint Will Work?

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So I'm working on this absolutely hilarious old 80's BC Rich assassin body. I just stripped the paint, and the old owner used like red melted crayons to paint it, and underneath was this pathetic gold sparkle. I don't know what he was trying to do, but I bought the sucker for like $30.

Anyway, I got this amazing spray paint I want to paint the guitar...its a textured finish thing, I'm wondering if you guys think it will work? I will only do one coat...maybe two, but it kinda hurts the texture if you go over it again. Then clear over it so the texture is 'enclosed' in the clear coat.



Theres an example of it on a metal stomp box (can says it works on wood)...and the can itself. Please tell me this would work, I will probably try it ANYWAY, unless someone is gonna tell me my cat will die if I do this.

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Can't see a problem with it (but I'm cerainly no expert). It looks like prety much the same stuff that I've used for my polished-turd-ocaster, but mine is called Hammerite. It's also a textured finish (hammered finish to be more exact) and I'm well happy with the reults, especially as I got a 12 year old girl to do most of it.

I used the paint on stuff and whacked it on with a roller, but the same stuff comes in cans too :D

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I haven't clearcoated over mine. Hammerite is an exterior metal paint and is harder than a bulldog on steriods. Goes on really thick too.

One problem is that you might be limited to the time between coats, with hammerite I think you have to recoat within 6 hours, ehich is a pain if you want to do 4 coats because then you'd have to get up at night :D

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One problem is that you might be limited to the time between coats, with hammerite I think you have to recoat within 6 hours, ehich is a pain if you want to do 4 coats because then you'd have to get up at night B)

Hahaha...thats great :D I only plan on doing 1-2 coats. That picture is one coat, and its the color, depth and texture I want. I'll wake up mighty early though if I gotta do 3 :D

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a shot anyway. I actually put one coat of this craft krylon clear stuff way back when I painted that stompbox, and its pretty damn tough for 1 coat. Its on metal though, so wood might be a different beast.

All I want is the stuff to dry on there nicely with no cracks or anything crappy like that...the trick is the get an even texture across the whole thing, which I doubt I'll do :D

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Heres the body hahaha. I'm thinking I'll probably route a curved neck heel, but its only gonna house a 22 fret neck, so I think its fine right now. However if I feel I need to do it after I've finished it...well you know.

Also, its sanded down smooth, but an array of garbage colors. I might throw a base layer of white or black paint then sand down for an even surface. We'll see.

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Mike, I think you might want to look at places were they do machinery, I can't remember the name of the company, but when I worked with gate openers (industrial as well as residential) we used that paint, it came in gallons, and they could mix any color... if you go to a sherwin williams store (don't know if they got them were you are, they used to carry it. We sprayed it with an electric compressorless paint guns, like the borg wagner that the machinist made an aluminum pray tip for it, (the plastic kept melting when cleaning, and the texture was the same as that and it was hard as heck when dried. I think that with one of those "door jamb" guns it will be great to spray the thing. and one coat will usualy be enough.

Rustoleum ain't exactly high quality stuff, i.e. I wouldn't paint a car with it

I guess I ain't the only one that had a problem with rustoleum. :D

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Thanks for the help guys. Maiden, by the sounds of it...this is the finish I want. I'm new to painting guitars, so I want something that I couldnt ruin even by throwing the bloody thing off the CN Tower :D

Heres a photoshop mockup of what she will look like. The neck is the actual neck I've got for it, and everything else looks ultra accurate. Maybe a dome metal knob instead.


I don't know if I want a slanted humbucker, or a humbucker then a slanted single in the neck...but I KNOW I don't want the middle single. What do you guys think would look best? Today I'm making blocks to fill in the cavity

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Go for the slanted Hum, that's how my Kramer was, and I loved it... Also 1 metalic volume for the simplicity too. :D Like the bookmatched hammered paint job, LOL

Hope it turns out that good, good luck with it.

On a side note, what does slanting do for the tone?

If I'm not wrong they did this back in the day when there was no F spaced humbuckers, that way the strings were covered all the time even when bending, at least that's what the Kramer Sales guy told me when I asked, remember this was in 87 so I might be wrong.

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