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Tunamatic Bridge On A Straight Neck Guitar

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Hi all

I have a logistical question as in regards to using a tunatmatic bridge from a Gibson SG style guitar with a slanted neck on a straignt necked guitar. I presume that i will just have to make the neck sit higher in the body. Will this work or will there be any problems with this.

All comments would be greatly appreciated because this is my first build


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Well, raising the neck is certainly -one- option, but you could achieve the same effect by lowering the TOM, which would probably be easier.

If this is a bolt-on you're doing, you could shim the neck pocket to create an angle suitable for your guit. Some people like the feel of an angled neck, and it is possible to angle the neck if you are one of these.

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It's an option on the carvins but not standard.

It's standard with the TOM :D , Thats the way they do it... this was already disscussed here! Here is a copy of the catalog that I posted a few months ago.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/Maiden69/DSC00884.jpg ,

I took a pic cause my scanner is not hooked up. The standard option is the hard tail, but if you chosse the TOM it is recessed.

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Gibson made some SGs in the early 70's with a TOM and no neck angle by raising the fretboard above the body. Melvyn Hiscock documents this in his book "Making Your Own Electric Guitar", and has a pretty complete discussion of various methods of neck/body join.

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