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Bridge string-to-string spacing

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The first Gotoh hardtail bridge at the top of this page looks about right for my project. The little schemtic shows the string spacing is 52.5mm E to e and then the description says "bridge tailpeice assembly for single size pickup".

I cant find any other hardtails with a narrower spacing so i'm inclined to think this will be fine to use with humbuckers as well.....anyone disagree? If the spacing is slightly too wide, i guess i can always place the bridge humbucker slightly further away from the bridge to help the pole pieces to line up(?)

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I don't know what they mean with 'single size' pickup but it's definately suited for humbuckers. It's the bridge ibanez uses, like on this RG...


but I would rather go for a bridge with a 3 screw mounting pattern under the saddles, like on this fender.


The 3 screw version looks better, and the place of those 3 screws is exactly where the tension is. With the gotoh version the tension is on the back 3 screws, so you´ve got the tension on smaller screws.

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They are string through the body design, so most of the string tension is focused downward across the saddle. The screws are just holding the position. Their placement is irrelevant.

I thought about this and you are right. The bridge wants to go down (obstructed by the body) and towards the nut (which it can´t because of the screws), so all the screws come in to play. But I still think the 3 screw version looks better.

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