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Glued in necks vs Bolt ons

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Well, yeah, I guess you could say it's definitely glued-in, but it's not necessarily what's considered a glue-in neck. These type of necks typically have some kind of mortise and tenon routed into the neck and body that give the joint its actual holding power and strength. The glue doesn't really do anything except hold the neck in place. Simply gluing your bolt-on neck to the body and putting the bolts isn't really making it a glue-in joint in the traditional sense. The holding power and strength is still dependant on the bolts, so it would still be considered a bolt-on joint.

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well, the joint is completely different. and when your talking about joining the two main pieces of the guitar, it does produce different results.

heres a glue in mortise/tenon joint:


and heres a bolt on joint:


you can see it doesnt have that tight fitting joint like the glue in one.

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