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on several schematics now (usually those used for LED or pre-amp applications) have had an "input," "ground" and "+9V" lead on them. it's the "+9V" one that about which, i query.

does it mean the positive side of the 9V battery? does it mean 9V have been added to that (i.e. the negative side)? if so, is the ground the same as the positive side? or does it just go off into oblivion?

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Yes, +9v should connect to the positive side of your battery, ground connects to the negative side of the battery and to the input and output jack grounds. The + symbol simply means that the polarity is positive in relation to ground. In a well-designed circuit, all ground leads will connect to a single common ground point, so there's no need for separate battery, input and output ground points. I hope that helps, or at least doesn't cause more confusion...

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