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Wiring question?


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I'm in the process of ordering wire for guitar build project.

I see fancy shielded wire, and just normal 22 gauge wire.

Is there any real benefit using this shielded wire.

I know the marketing story of radio interference and other blabla......

What kinda wire did you guys use. I was thinking ordering standard wiring kit from stewmac and be done with. But that maybe bad choice???

Any advice.

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Heh. RF interference is far from a "marketing story". It's very real.

If all of your wiring is contained within shielded cavities, shielded wire is unnecessary. But sometimes you have a run of wire that extends outside of the cavity (e.g. from the main control cavity to the selector switch on a Les Paul) that can be difficult to shield, making them vulnerable to RF interference.

This was a situation i had on my guitar, and it was like having a foot long radio antenna on my guitar... it picked up everything until i replaced those runs of wire with shielded wire. Shielded wire was easier than trying to shield the drilled-out wire channel.

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