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steel guitars

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This may not be what you are looking for but many of the old Dobro's are steel and are making a comeback.

Regal Duolian

They have a very bright, punchy sound that is typical of the old blues.

It sounds as if you are making an electric (?) and going for steel?? I am not sure from the description above, but it would be an interesting project.

EDIT: Looks like you posted while I was typing :D Looks like an interesting axe. Keep us updated on the progress.

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it will be screwed from the back into a metal cup type thing about where it is in the pic but thats the rong neck im still wating for warmoth

the tig is my dads (im only 16) he bilds racing bikes and he gave me the idea i did the tiging tho and its not so shabby

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you know your going to need to clearcoat it or powdercoat right?

about the led's, yeh, someone just did side marker led's i think. do a search using the 'search function' at the top of the page.

btw, i doubt its very easy by any far stretch so keep that in mind.

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yea im gonna lacker it

and it wighs about the same as a bcrich jr v (its not mine i hate it) and looks ace

back to the leds u probly no more about the problem than me but im gonna give it a go on some blank bits of wood and see what happens

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