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I need help decidng on a bridge

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Ive been thinking of modifying my Randy Rhodes V lately. I got it a while ago as a bit of project real cheapbut really havent done much to it besides cleaning it up a bit. Well one of the things im thinking abotu doing is replaceing the Floyd rose thats ont here. I have it blocked cuz i dont really use it and tuning is annoyin, so i was tihnking about converting it to a string-through TOM (yes i know i will need to fill the cavities and recesses it), but i just wanted to know what bridge ppl think is the best for having lots of sustain adn nto suckignt he tone out of it like a FR so what do you guys think?

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First one of my pet peeves, it's Randy Rhoads not Rhodes. Second, I don't like tune-o-matics. I like the string-through fender fixed bridge style like on american hardtail strats. It doesn't fall of without strings, it can accomedate every fretboard radius. If your RR is a jackson it's probably 16" while TOMs only come in 12". And you don't have to recess it or change the neck angle. Also it has a wider intonation adjustment range. Usually TOMs are not recessed so the strings on a gibson are further of the body as on fenders, I like my strings closer to the body. So that's what I would go with. If you do, go with the one with 3 screws under the saddles. There are aftermarkt ones with screws on the corners, but that's a stupid design.

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If the floyd is recessed, selling it would be my first choice.

The real RR V I have pictured in my head has a stock Fender type trem. Or is that just the consequence of breathing naptha and glue fumes for 18 years ?







Let me know when you find one with that bridge!

If your RR is a jackson it's probably 16" while TOMs only come in 12". And you don't have to recess it or change the neck angle.

then again what kind of bridge is the one above? other than Floyd Rose!!! :D It's a TOM!!!!

Nalo, go ahead and fill those cavities and get yourself a TOM! If I'n not wrong the Carvin TOM is 15" radius. or at lest this is the radius of their neckthru neck.

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