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Routing for Dimarzio 7 string pickups


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From Dimarzio I got this nice drawing stating hight and width of 7 string humbucker.

They give a hight of 0.640" and 0.735" (depending on type of humbucker used).

My question is now, how deep to route the cavity? I know I like my pickups pretty close to the strings, but also know I would like to be able to adjust the pickups a bit.

How deep should you route this. I'm using pick-ups rings, so will place some tubing (or other felixble stuff) under pickup to have something pushing pickup from underneath.

Should I use total pickup hight as a measure??? And use this as base???

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now keep inmind this is a six string dimarzio pickup but i noticed no real height differences between six and seven strings. but mine was done just over 3/4"

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