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Lace TransSensors


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well, as my SG is already all planned out and just awaiting money for parts, i've sarted to throw together ideas for my next one. trying for a classic 60's sound, and my friend pointed me towards these pickups. he described them as having a bell-like tone w/ a slight crisp edge to them.

now, i've grown to love the single coil neck + humbucker bridge setup. i get a lot of options out of that that i really like, and w/ some different tone setups, i can have all the fun i want.

problem is, w/ the trans-sensors, lace says that the humbucker cannot be used w/ anything but another TS hum. first off, i was wondering why? if anyone has an answer to that. i've e-mailed them as well, but i haven't gotten a respone after 4 days.

if someone can tell me (with fair certainty) that i CAN actually use a hum + single, please do so.

if not, would i run into any problems using three single coils, just with the bridge pups being right next to each other like a hum?

also, w/ the single + hum setup, i can get neck, neck + bridge (north, south, or both), or bridge (north, south, or both). i'm having mental issues figuring out a way to do the same thing using 3 single coils.

help is very welcome. thanks in advance!

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so in place of the 5-way switch, just use a standard on/on/on pup select?

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grazzi senor.

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