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sustainer wiring


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:D hi everyone

I ve just purchased a sustainer fsk 401 kit.

I would like to put it in an Ibanez jem 7vwh which has a H/S/H configuration with split on 2 and 4 position and replace the driver sound by a mini humbucking to still have the same conbination.

H/S/H configuration

1 bridgeHum

2 bridgeHum split + middleSingle

3 middle Single

4neckHum + middleSingle


A mini humbucking is added close to the driver in order to replace the driver sound in position 4 & 5

Of course when sustainer is on the bridge pickup is automatically selected.

(the mini humbucker must replace the sound of the driver and be spilttable . Standart 5 way H/S/H configuration and the driver is only used to project magnetic pulses in conjonction with the bridge humbucker.

Fernands site doesnt have a wiring.

does anybody can help me?

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I know Vai has the same setup, so it is possible. But no clue how to.

no vai have only a driver in the neck position on FLO.

the white cover with no hole next is a dummy.

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I saw Vai on the G3 in Denver Video using one on his regular guitar at the start of the jam and on the fretless of his tripleneck jem at the start of his set.

I believe it is a sustainiac system that he uses and there's a picture on his site I've seen...much the same though...the fernades system was originally designed by manic music...might try their site...or better yet:

Try contacting the fernandes site and get them to send you details...if not we'll have to nut it out here


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I ve been contacted fernandes 1 week ago and they reply this:

Unfortunately we don’t have a diagram of the wiring for the specific system you are attempting to install. In order to separate the driver humbucking signal from the sustainer you will need an additional switch to isolate the mini humbucker.

nothing at manic music

vai use a fernandes sustainer on : flo, flo 2 ,fretless of his tripleneck jem , and the new bad h (the mirror one)

I ve picts of each closiest to see "sustainer tm"

here the url , for the classic wiring of a sustainer.



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B)You're right!

I'll have a think about it...basically you need a switch to activate the sustainer and switch to the bridge pickup at the same time....

did it come with any other controls...there's usually a pot for drive gain or sensitivity...did this thing come as a kit? Describe what you've got

psw :D

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