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Need guitar design help ASAP

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I need a guitar body design that will make a BC Rich look tame...I was thinking of a symetrical double sided battle axe, but then I saw the Moser Custom Shop and really liked some of their work, especially the Morpheus ( here ), so now im thinking somewhere along the lines of a spider crossed with a strat...Im at a loss for ideas...if someone could hook me up with some pics to work off of, that would be awesome.

also, this will be my first, and any advice would be great. Ive got a whole year to work on it if I need to, so time isn't a concern.

I also need to buy a neck someplace...I REALLY like the IBZ wizard prestige necks, Ive got a 7 string prestige and it is amazing, so someplace that could do a similar one in 6 string for not a lot of money...If time allows, I may end up putting LEDs under all the fret markers, something I really want to do.


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hummm... ive always thought that BC Riches looked tame... to me they seemed like a guitar thats trying to be Beefy but just doesnt quite make it....

That morpheus seems pretty kool... i might try some designs (any good 1s i come up with i will post) if youve got any ideas drawn down might help get on the same design idea as you.

And for the neck check ebay often can get some great buys from there.



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:D here is the question at hand...neck thru or bolt? before you answer....you should be made aware, that neck thrus, no matter what anyone thinks....in the areas of tonal signature and sustain are far superior in my opinion, as well as having done tests myself between two identical models, with the different neck options. another thing you need to be aware of, is that you probably shouldnt make a guitar even remotely close to anything neal has, he is overly protective of his work, but he has just cause. he was one of the originators of BC rich, made them who they are, and they robbed him blind, even after he left the company. now if you are considering neck thru, you may want to go through carvin and buy thiers, there is nothing wrong with the necks, they are 174.00 for 6 strings and 199.00 for 7, this is how i started my company, was by using thier necks, I am currently working on our second prototype as well as some great new ideas for the near future. I would be happy to build you a body, (ill make ya a great deal) which I have designed, that would probably be just what you are seeking.
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***...apparently there was an error in my class schedule, and the only way to work around it was to drop woodworking B):D , so now i cant build my guitar for A WHOLE YEAR!!! ARRRRGGGG!!!!! But I WILL build it next year, so...

anekretia, thanks for the offer, but even if i was in the class, i wouldn't have taken it, as I want to build the body myself (thats kinda the whole point of a project guitar, right? :D ), although what I was really looking for was someone to design a neck for me...

Ive seen your site before, and I cant honestly say I like the designs on the top (maybe the EXcaliber...although it looks like i could break it apart with my bare hands...its too skinny), but the bottom one looks absolutly amazing...the picture thats third from the left, middle row, is that what it looks like from the top? for some reason, the bottom 2 pics look stunning, but that one looks all weird and misshapen...porportions are off or something...

could you send me a pic of that bottom one from the top down (higher res, if you will...)? i would like to try and use that as a launching point, expand on it, etc. if you like, i can send you my final design to make sure theres no problem with me stealing your ideas or anything.

[EDIT] oh yeah, I'll probably be doing a bolt on, I heard they were easyer...I know the neck throughs have more sustain and such, but im not that picky with the sound, more the shape and the looks.

Oh, and did I see that you recessed the knob and the bridge in the body of the bottom one anekretia? that looks very nice [/EDIT]

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well, first of all, i would be happy to cam the guitar to you, i have msn, yahoo and aim, caliber_guitars@msn.com fret_bored_72 for yahoo and fretbored72 for aim, secondly, I personally found the neck through to be much easier, you dont have to worry about the neck pocket, lastly...

" You care more about the shape and looks than the sound?

Doesn't that defeat the purpose? "

check it out, ill put any of my guitars up against any other guitars for tone and sustain, and they will at least be equal, and as far as strength, these babies are 1 3/4 inches thick of the densest woods available, i highly doubt you could just break it with your bare hands.

i went for quality here, not quantity like most of the industry. :D

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