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Horseshoe pups


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Does anyone know about these pups? There is a bloke that I know that might swap some of his bits and pieces if I can build on of these. Unfortunately I can't really find any info on them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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from what i remmber in this guitar book i had. it said they actually had a horseshoe shaped magnet in them.. [not the same size of course] and that one side was positive one was negative and somewhere in the middle was somewhere in the middle. loosely quoted from melvn hiscocks book build your own electric guitar.

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It's two horseshoe magnets....

I can't remember the polarities but I think they're mounted so they oppose each other....

inside is a normal single coil PU

So it's pretty much the same as your normal single except with a big magnet

at least that's what I gather...I was tring to track one down for my guitar...they're tough to find

the tough part would be finding decent magnets...

I'd love a humbucker version...that'd be a riot....especially a really hot one :-)

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