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bookmatching my maple top


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Hello, im building a solid body from mahogany with a birdseye maple top. the top is 0.5 cm thick. the bottom is solid and the maple is a 2 piece set that needs to be straighted before i can use it.

to get the 2 parts together and matching eachother perfectly i stick some sanding paper on a piece of old kitchentable and sand until it's good. but when i was satisfied, the next day the wood was bowed a little and the work from the previous day was all gone. :D

thats crappy cause i can sand like for ever. without result :/

does anyone here know some useful tips for getting it very straight? im really stuck here. B)

thx! maarten..

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You could try steaming the wood with a hot iron with a steamer built in, or you could spray it on with aspray bottle. Then you would clamp the wood down to a flat surface and leave it there for a few days to straighten out.

Wait for others answers, but I've used tis method recently.

When I removed the clamps I had the center of the guitar body lined out and the glue on and then glued one half of the maple on. The next day I removed the other piece and glued it on immediately afterwards.

Hope this helps. Good luck. And this should have been put in the "Solid body and Bass chat", but the mods will probably move it for you. So, no big deal. :D

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You should sticker it, let it sit for a week, then joint your edges, then re-sticker it until you use it.

View of stickered lumber.

I sticker my tops with 4 - 5 pieces per side of a board. Your stickers don't need to be huge, mine are scrap from acoustic guitar tops, so they're about 3mm thick, and about 8mm wide. Place stickers in the exact same position on the top and bottom of your board, or you'll have uneven weight distribution. You'll also need to place weight across the top to keep it flat.

EDIT:You can also wet the wood and sticker it, to help straighten it.

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