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Top Coating Problem

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OK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mother nature cuts me a break down here in Houston and knocks the humitiy down so i can finish my 540P material top. Now...a problem iv just ran into...i think :D im spraying the on the guitar(material and painted sides) my clear coat and it seems the material is soaking the clear like its thursty lol. Is this normal being that i just have to apply alittle more than usual coats to a material top or have i goofed and need to use a different clear(top) coat. Im using Plasti-Kote clear spray.

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out of an aerosol can, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes you a good 15 coats or so to fill the weave. Fabric will absorb alot, and aerosol is the thinnest mix of paint you will find. Spraying with a gun is much simpler, you can lay on a heavier coat without fear of runs like aerosol, I'd say just keep applying it, then sand it lightly to level it, you'll know when you hit the fabric if you go to far.

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