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hey what is a volute?

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ive read about them and i think i know what it is but could someone show me a picture or describe it better than what ive already read?

im gonna be building a neck soon and it might be something to look into.

thanks rye

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Is it just me, or does anyone else actually perfer volutes?

It doesn't effect my playing or anything, but I've gotten used to having them. Everything but my explorers have them (I'm not positive if you'd consider the Fender having a volute with the non-angled headstock, but is is pretty wide)

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I prefer volutes. they just add to the feeling that the guitar won't break if you're a tad careless. and they're attractive. 80´s kramer necks with the pointy headstocks are just among the most beautiful necks I've seen with the combination of a volute and bolt-through-neck FR nut :D

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