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A wierd switch....


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Basically I'm making a new guitar, got it all sorted apart from the wiring which im a tad confused about...

So far its a dual EMG 81 setup, 1 Volume, 1 Tone and 1 3 way flick switch, but then theres a wierd 2 way switch which i have no clue as to its purpose whatsoever... :D

Also im not 100% sure on the wiring of this setup, so if this switch is useless ill either go for 2 Volume and 1 Tone or 1 Volume and 2 tone, but whats better?

If that wierd switch does do something other than merely turn off a pickup, where would it go in this ciruit?-


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Hi Myrk~ and welcome to the forum, I see just looking at the links over on the main site I need to update the wireing diagram links to EMG.

Anyway I'm really not sure about the extra switch., but you can find the latest diagrams for either of those combinations here.

There really isn't a best way as far as the 2 volumes vs 2 tone capacity, it's really up to what the player desires.

For me personally I would go with the single volume control :D

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is this a guitar you built are one you are modifying?because 2-way switches(mini toggle style)are used for coil taps and if this is a guitar that originally had pickups with coil tap capabilities then it might be that.if the switch came with the pickups brand new then are you sure they sent you 81s?is the emg logo the same color on both of them?on an 81 the logo is silver.the reason i ask is that the 89 has a switch to change it from an 85 sound to an s sound(single coil)it's a 2 pickups in 1 deal.also a sustainer pickup uses a 2 way switch to turn it on and off,if it is indeed a mod.

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gagh stuff that switch then :D

the switch came with a body i bout off the net, but im gunna have to build a new one cus when i got my floyd rose trem this morning it didnt fit! So ill just make a new body, probably an explorer shape or something (existing shape is a Warlock) B)

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