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Bass wiring question


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So I'm rewiring an old fender jazz bass, and want to have a master volume, pan, tone, and a series/parallel switch (either a push/pull or toggle switch ... I haven't decided). I've found diagrams for the series/parallel switch and for the master volume/pan/tone, but am not sure how to put them together. I would think you would do the series/parallel switch first, then the others, but the series/parallel diagram only has one output. Here are the diagrams:



Thanks in advance!

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The pan pot and the series/parallel switch are pretty much mutually exclusive, since the pan pot only works correctly if the pickups are in parallel.

Ah ... bummer. Any other suggestions for something I could do? I was planning on relocating the jack to the side of the body so I can use all four spots on the control panel. I'm not to interested in upgrading the pickups or anything, I just want to get some experience with some wiring.

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For your last question there exists a solution with two audio taper volume pots and a DPDT switch, making a push-pull pot or a separate toggle switch both possible.

Switch position 1 gives pickups in parallel, each one connected to it's corresponding volume pot working in the traditional Jazz Bass way, ie independent from the other volume pot. Nothing new.

Switch position 2 gives pickups in series, each one shunted with it's corresponding volume pot now working as a variable resistor.

Though technically possible, a drawback however is that in the series combination, pots don't work ideal : starting from 0, volume increase is smooth, but already close to maximum at about 60% rotation with 250K pots. Pots of lower resistance could improve that, but would reduce pickup clarity and maximum volume especially in parallel.

So your volume controls will respond differently in series vs. parallel. Wether that's acceptable, I think that decision is yours. If you want I'll send you a diagram.

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