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is this too hard to understand


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ok heres my question. i did a layout based off seymour duncan pickups and used his layout with a few changes and described the changes.

now i am not going to single out the person i was helping i don't want to be rude but i do want some answers.

other than the fact that photobucket degraded the image quality.. [i emailed the original to him and it looks good]

if you have two wires on your pickup as i was told then you usually acording to seymour duncan have one black one and the other is a braided sleeve going to ground. or simply a ground wire. but the black is usually the hot wire. according to him.

if i tell you that the black wire is as drawn and ground the bare wire or shield or whatever other color you have as shown in the diagram then what is so difficult about that? i mean i know we all have different levels of expericene i understand that. and i am not complaining i just want to know why everytime i try to draw up something. [actually 95.8%] people dont' get it.

maybe i should just stop

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i know what you mean,ansil...sometimes it seems as if some guys want everything done for them...without having to bother thinking at all

BUT like brian says for some guys this is their first rodeo...and it is more difficult for them.

my opinion?provide the diagram,and if they still don't understand it,reccomend that they find a face to face teacher who can give them some hands on experience

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thats what i was thinking fellows. so thanks for the advice i appreciate it. he tells me seymour duncan said they would draw him one. i asked him politely if he thought that he could understand theirs anybetter than this one take from there site. i wished him well. and i hope he didn't take it hard i was trying to help him.. anyway back to the Vampyre Head i just finished the pbrush concept and printed off the fullsized font to cut the backlit plexiglass.

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