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Angled Neck pocket jig??

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anyone know where to buy one or how to make one? I cut the neck pocket of my tele too deep, so the bridge won't go low enough to set the action. So if i angle the pocket down a bit, it will force me to raise the bridge. also, my next guitar will need an angled pocket anyway. =)

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hey this is what i did for my angled neck jig (but i am new at this so there might be a better way)

i am biulding a carved top so before i glue the top on(wich i think i am gonna use some spalted tiger maple that i found at my freinds sawmill)

i made a template of the body out of black plexyglass, attached it to the body so it is flush all the way around with 1 5/8 screws.then remove from body,these screw holes are for later.now cut out of the template the slot for the neck pocket. wich on mine is almost the whole length of the template cause i am having the neck run 2" past the brigde.

but you have to make sure all your cuts on the template are exact!!

because this is what your router guide is going to follow. you'le have to use a template guide on your router for my way just make sure the bit is the same size as the template guide on the router!

then i am going with a 4 deg angle on my neck so i laid out on some 3/4 pine the angle wich seems to work out to be 0 - 15/16 in 12" and i cut four shims. with that angle on each of them.

and now for the tricky part- this will only work if you are glueing a top on later! attach the template to the body with the screws as before but!! dont tighten, leave them all very loose(you need to slide the shims in later). slide the first two shims in under the temp. parralleling the neck pocket cut out.

tighten down the screws lightly until the temp is against the shims.

eye up everything and check that the temp. is straight and not bowed any where. if you are doing a les paul design i dont think you will have this problem but i am doing a kinda prs/pbass style and the top and bottom horns were getting in the way of the template being flush with the body at the neck pocket, so i cut them off of the temp. and since i allready have the screw holes in the body it wont be a problem realining.

if everything looks good take the next two shims andslide them in the temp. wherever they fell like they will work good for you . i then glued mine on with epoxy and attached it with small screws so i can reuse on the next guitar i build.

set your router bit depth and go to town! but i would first practice on a seperate piece of wood so you can check everything and make sure the jig works.

but hey if someone has a better way please let me know, i am just starting at this so i am learning as i go.

rye :D

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