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about free plans...

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this is really starting to get annoying. go to the guide to guitar building webpage and im sure they have a free one. if you arent familiar with that site than please do yourself a favor and use the search button. i have a feeling that this thread is going to be deleted before the day is over. but anyways, everytime someone wants a free cad plan they are sent to that site, so really use the search, thats what it is there for.

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Can anybody send me a FREE plan of THE BODY OF a flying V or similar guitar please???



Hi Ivan :D

B) Check you mail, i send to you a Gibson Flying V plans from www.guitarbuild.com I hope serves to you, Luck my Friend Bye! :D

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i don't have any plans...but would you like a free floyd rose or a free set of emg pickups? :D

look man...people ALWAYS come in and demand free drawings of every guitar known to man...the software to make those drawings is VERY expensive...and it takes ALOT of time to make those drawings...

you can keep asking all you want to...but i don't think you will get them for free

but there are places where you can get them for a steal of a price...or you can get some plans here for the price of a $20 donation to the site to help support the cost of running this place

my opinion?make your own drawing for your own guitars...that is what i do...unfortunately i don't put it down on paper..it is all in my head...


well i guess today is your lucky day...i hope you appreciate what kurt is doing for you

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Ivan is starting to sound like camcool.

I thought he would have picked up on the hint you gave him.

I was having a sort of DejaVu too. but I sense a little bit of anger in the air... but I know why so...

Ivan, you can not ask to have everything served in a silver platter. Do some research and be grateful that Kurt already dished a lot of info. instead of asking can I have this ask if you can be pointed in the right direction. I know a lot of people will help you better that way.

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But I need plans in jpg. format because I don't have auto cad and similar programs... :D  B)

and I want to do a modificaton of a flying V, with sharp ends. :D


Ivan, South America, Argentina 


program that converts .dwg and .dxf to any image format

as for a cad program

www.guitarbuild.com has several plans. and 2 free cad programs (in the download section)

also if you sign up for MIMF in their plans section (in the library), they have a page that discusses several different fre or shareware cad programs. (with links)

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