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Hey guys! Been absent from this board for a while, but now i must return with a question.

The other guitar player in my band uses an RG7620 with an EMG 707 in the bridge. The original neck PUP is still there, too, but methinks it's not wired up correctly, as it sounds extremely weak and muddy. But thats not the problem. Whenever he plugs into his 5150 at practice or at home and turns the volume up to any reasonable level, the EMG squeels like a beast. It's a horrible, ear-piercing screech! It renders the guitar virtually unusable. The amp is not to blame. We've used his RG7621, AX7521, and my Dillion DSSRG 7 through it, and none of them have fed back at all. The EMG used to be perfectly quiet and unprone to feedback, it just started doing it one day. He's changed the battery in it, so that can't be the problem. Just from taking a quick look inside it, there doesn't appear to be any exposed wires or anything.

Anybody have any clue what could be going on here?

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Make sure where the connections were made are insulated and not touching another bare connection. Basically, if that doesn't work, I'm guess something is screwed up with the preamp which I think EMG seals them into their pickups so it's impossible to mess with.

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