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Guitar Refinishing


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Hey everyone, I've been playing for years and decided I wanted to build my own guitar, so I just bought one of those Saga Guitar Kits, and want to give it a custom paint job. Could anyone tell what I need to do to the guitar, to prep it for painting, and what I should actually do to paint it (what kind of paint to use, etc..), or someplace near in the Sacramento, CA or Flagstaff, AZ areas that could finish this guiatr for me.


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Hello, welcome.

First I would recommend you read some of the tutorials here.

After that read the articles here.

Do a search on the forum for finishing after you have read some of the other articles. You will get a better idea of what you may want and what you are up against. Finishing takes practise and the SAGA kit is a good place to start.

I believe there is a sealer on the kit body. If it is finished sanded you just have to figure out which finish and look you want. Of course there is always the idea of going to an automotive paint shop to see what they will charge, or you could send out your guitar to Roxy guitar finishing and let them do it.

But learning to do your own finish is rewarding and will give you ideas to make other guitars and finish them differently.

I and many others here have started where you are and learned to finish our own guitars. I hope you like to sand. On my first attempt I had to sand my guitar down to wood three times to get it right. I'm on my fourth guitar and now I only have to sand it back to wood twice. :D I hope this helps.

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