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Woods for my bass project

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Hi folks, I've not posted for about two months, but a new project is about to get underway.

I'm making a fretless bass, a *bit* like a Warwick, it's going to be a minimalist thing with just the one pickup and a bolt neck, the neck will be made from mahogany and maple, with a rosewood fingerboard.

I already have a bass suited to the rocking side of life, so i'm after a more warm, jazzy sound with flatwound or half wound strings.

My question is what wood should I use? I'd like it to be one of the following really because I'm going for a natural finish and they're all real purdy, but not expensive; Amazaque, Lacewood, Walnut or Zebrano, doesn anybody know how well these woods would suit my purposes?



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Lacewood would have a wonderful tone with that. Lacewood is becoming my favorite, even more than black limba. The tone is very smooth with a nice low end and nice highs, but not crisp or bright. Like mahogany on some good dope!

Walnut would also be a good choice, not as pretty unless you shell out the $$. I say either of those would do you excellent. I'd go lacewood tho, looks and better tone IMO.


Deuce bass.

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