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Headstock thickness?


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I would think that the average headstock thickness of 5/8" would be fine. Mind you I don't know exactly, but all the tuners that I've used seem to use this measurement as the bog standard.

I would think that there is a little room to go thicker or thinner than that too. Many guitar parts are adjustable for just this reason.

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If you go thinner than 1/2" (about 12-13mm), then you may find the tuners won't tighten down enough to hold against the wood.

I've done that, and then had to add a headstock veneer to recover.

I find that about 17mm is where I stop. But I'm no pro at this, so take this all with a grain of salt.

Also, note that some folks tend to "thin" the headstock towards the top. That is, the thickness closer to the nut is more than as you get up to the tip. The reason given is for it to "flex" a bit (e.g., in case the guitar drops, its less likely to let the peghead mass just crack the neck/headstock angle/join)

-- joe

For me, building guitars is a series of recovering mistakes.

I've simply gotten better at it :-)

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