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Boss GE-7 settings?


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hey, i have just purchased a boss GE-7 eq pedal. i have been fooling around with it and i can get some great sounds out of it. i am using it as a boost pedal to boost my volume for when i play a solo, but i use the eq to shape my solo sound. what do the 6 EQ sliders do. ok that makes me sound stupid, whitch ones are mid, trebal and bass? i know how it works, i can tell from playing around with it, but does anyone know whitch is witch? they are labled (from left to right) 100, 200, 400, 800, 1.6k, 3.2k, 6.4k.

also what are some of your settings for this pedal? if someone could post some up it would be great.

hope someone can answer my question

later on

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100, 200, 400 = bass

800, 1.6k = mid

3.2, 6.4k = treble

or roughly around that... sorry, cant give no suggestions for set-ups as I dont have that pedal, or any pedal to set EQ's, all my EQ's are done on my amp :D

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