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Start with a kit?

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I would like to build a nicer guitar eventually but I only have basic woodworking, electronics and painting experience. I have mostly played acoustic but would like to learn some electric. Does it make sense to get an expensive kit like a Saga TC10 Tele for starters? I could try a nice but fairly basic finish like a candy maroon. Also the electronics good be improved with shielding and soldering.

Later this guitar might serve as a testbed for some different pickups which is something else I am uncertain.

Does this make sense or will the quality of the parts yield disappointing results? It will be a lot of work so naturally I want a decent guitar at the end.


Soulfull Recording

Apex, NC

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instinctively I so go with the doing the whole thing from scratch... that is what I was told by a couple of people when I considered buying a preslotted fboard and such... and dman am I glad I did it all from scratch...

on the other hand I sometimes wish that I had a junker that I did not mind testing pivkup ideas and such on... a cheap kit could provide such a platform for testing... I would not want to pay big money for a "good kit" and then hacki\ it up for different pickup shapes/sizes/configurations....

bulding an instrument is not as hard as it is made out to be.... but having enough now how AHEAD OF TIME is very important... also having the tright tools can save you from a lot of frustration from the sheer amoun of time it would take to build with basic hands tools.. if you dont have the "right" tools see if you can get access to a woodshop... peace and good luck- you will be hooked if you try it once and are at least mildly succesfull.


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For me your idea of the Saga Tele kit sounds like a good idea, espesially if you don't have the time and tools for starting from scratch. The Saga kits are anyway not very expensive I think - building guitars from scratch is not very price saving anyway :D.

This way you can develop your skills and have an OK guitar - then after a while I'm shure you want more and then you can go from scratch (maybe with a e.g. Wormoth neck for saving some tool costs)

The Saga kit will shurly work well enough as a test rig later on!

Hope we are not confusing too much!


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