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Low output lace senor?


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I have a 75th anniversay strat with 3 gold lace sensor pickups. The middle pup barely has any output. Unless I really have my amp running hot and I bang on the strings I get nothing. The combination sounds are the same way, it's all bridge or neck not really any combination.

I am a complete electronic moron. I know very little. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? Is the pup just bad?



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it sounds like they may have wired the middle pup out of phase with the other two. if that's the problem it relatively easy to fix. if you're not set up for repairs it shouldn't cost much at your local shop. if it's not out of phase then you may have a bad pup.

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I pulled the pickguard off the other night. There are 3 wires coming from each pup, a white a green and an orange. They all seem to be wired the same way, orange to the switch and white and green to the bottom of the volume pot.

Is there any way to test the pup to determine if it is bad? If it is I might be tempted to put a single coil space humbucker in the bridge position and move the good sensor from the bridge to the middle. Any thoughts on this combo?

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